2K and Turtle Rock Studios announce Evolve.

An upcoming multiplayer shooter from 2K and Turtle Rock Studios, creators of the popular Left for Dead franchise, announced that they will release Evolve in the third quarter of 2014, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

In Evolve, “four hunters face off against a player controlled monster in an adrenaline pumping 4V1 game.” As the monster, the player has access to “savage abilities” and an animalistic sense that will help the monster kill his human enemies. As the humans, players can choose one of four classes: Trapper, Medic, Assault or Support, and will team up to take down the terrifying beast.

The game is set on the planet Shear, in which flora and fauna will act as an adversary to both sets of players as they battle each other. Advancement in the game is in the form of leveling up to unlock new characters, new upgrades and new perks.

Playing as the four hunters, players will have a first-person shooter view as they track the monster, while the player controlling the monster will experience a third-person viewpoint.

The first monster available in the game is known as the Goliath, and details of it can be found on the Game Informer website.

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