Who is The Walking Dead Game’s familiar face?

Last month, Season Two of The Walking Dead got underway with Episode 1, “All That Remains”. If you haven’t played it yet, you should be doing that right now. If you have played it, you will have seen the cutscene on the preview of Episode 2, “A House Divided”, that shows Clementine’s surprise at seeing someone she believed to be dead. But who is he/she?

It is safe to assume that the familiar face is someone we saw die, or thought we saw die, at some point in Season One. So we have listed all those who fell during Season One and assess their likelihood of return, then give our predictions on who will be the returning face.

“A New Day” deaths

Shawn Greene: The first death seen on the game happened in Episode One as a character from the original comic series, Shawn Greene is pinned under a tractor by Duck, and is eaten alive by walkers. To say his return is unlikely would be an understatement.

Irene: The girl in the Travelier Motel than Glenn valiantly tries to save. Irene steals Carley’s gun and shoots herself after being bitten. No return in sight.

Carley or Doug: The first choice on The Walking Dead that will mean the death of a character that can be determined by you. Whether Lee saves Carley or Doug, the other is rather convincingly devoured by walkers. Whoever you save is then shot dead by Lilly in Episode Three. A definite no for both.

“Starved for Help” deaths

Mark: Introduced in Episode Two and shot with an arrow before having his legs removed and fed to the group by Brenda. Some people just don’t have the luck. However, when reanimated Mark is able to return the favour by attacking Brenda, allowing the group’s escape. Well and truly zombified.

Larry: The cantankerous former military man couldn’t cope with the events of Season Two and has a heart attack as he, Lilly, Kenny, Lee and Clementine are locked up at the St. John farm. To avoid reanimation, Kenny splatters Larry’s head with a salt lick. Ain’t no coming back from that.

St. John brothers: Danny and Andrew St. John are the cannibalistic brothers and owners of St. John’s Dairy. After escaping their imprisonment, the player can either have Lee kill them, Danny with a pitchfork and Andrew kicked into the electric fence. Even if left alive, their farm is overrun by walkers as the group leave. As some players will have taken the option to kill one or both of the brothers, a comeback is unlikely as it will contradict the story for those players.

“Long Road Ahead” deaths

Katjaa and Duck: In the escape from the Travelier Motel, Duck is bitten and when Katjaa takes him into the woods to save the boy from turning into a walker. However, it is all too much for Katjaa and she takes her own life. Upon hearing the gunshot, Kenny and Lee investigate and one of them (depending on the player’s choice) then shoots Duck. Cross both off your list of possibilities.

Lilly: A strong candidate for return. After murdering either Carley or Doug on the side of the road, Lilly is either abandoned by the group, or later steals the RV and escapes. Either way, she is not confirmed as having died and could be poised for a return in Episode Two of Season Two. The only factor working against her likelihood of return is that Clementine has no reason to believe Lilly to be dead, and for that reason may not be the person in question.

“Around Every Corner” deaths

Charles: Resident of the train the group accommodated in Season Three, Chuck was seen surrounded by walkers in Savannah, urging the group to leave him behind. Later found in the sewers by Lee having committed suicide and been snacked on by walkers. No miracle is strong enough to bring back poor Charles.

Ben Paul: Ben couldn’t do anything right. Responsible for the attack on the Travelier Motel in Episode Three, and inadvertently lets the walkers into the school in Crawford, Ben was hardly a favourite of the group. Depending on the players choice, he will either be dropped from the bell tower by Lee at the end of Episode Four, or will fall from the balcony in Episode Five and impaled, following which Kenny puts him out of his misery. The latter choice means he will have no return in Season Two.

“No Time Left” deaths

Stranger: The Stranger is revealed to be the owner of the car that Lee’ group robbed at the end of Episode Two, and looking for revenge he kidnaps Clementine. After being tracked down by Lee, he will either be choked to death by Lee, or shot in the head by Clementine. As he may be shot by Clem, he won’t be returning in Season Two.stranger

Lee Everett: Tissues at the ready, folks. The tear inducing end to Season One saw its hero, playable character Lee Everett die as a result of being bitten at the start of Episode Five. Chained to a radiator in a Savannah store, Lee is either left to turn into a walker, or is shot by Clementine in the most difficult player choice of the Season. As much as we’d love to see the former history professor once more, Lee is definitely not the returning survivor.leedeath

Kenny Lee’s closest confidant throughout Season One, Kenny is the only character besides Lee and Clementine to feature in all five episodes, and does not have an on-screen death. If Ben is killed in Episode Four, then Kenny will jump through a roof to save Christa after she jumps in to retrieve Clem’s walkie talkie. Kenny will then disappear from sight having fired his last shots and is never seen again. If Ben is saved in Episode Four, then Kenny, along with the others, goes down to the alleyway after Ben falls from the balcony, and then instructs the rest of the group to escape after they are ambushed by walkers.

Other Candidates

Christa: Clementine’s companion following the events of Season One and the beginning of Episode One of Season Two, Christa is ambushed in the woods by fellow survivors, giving Clementine time to escape. She is assumed to be dead but it was not confirmed, and after Clementine finding her backpack at the lake, there may be a chance that the group who attacked Christa are still in close proximity to Clem’s new group. Clementine tries to find out about Christa’s whereabouts when she encounters the remains of the group at the lake, but does not manage a response from the man she asks. One of the strong possibilities to return, however it would not be such a shock to Clementine if she is the survivor, as she has not been out of Clementine’s company for an extended period of time.

Omid: This is a very unlikely one, but Omid is worth a mention. Shot at the start of Episode One by Michelle, Omid is assumed to be dead. But was there an off-screen burial? And would it not be tragically ironic that he return just after Christa’s disappearance?

You guessed it, we’re backing Kenny. The man’s courage following the death of his wife and son cannot be flawed, and not having an on-screen death can only work in his favour. Given that Clementine was not present for his demise, she is likely to assume that he died when the group were on their way to save her.

The familiar face will return in Season Two’s Episode Two, “A House Divided”, which is predicted for release onto all platforms in either February or March of 2014.

One thought on “Who is The Walking Dead Game’s familiar face?”

  1. Kenny – No, he’s bitten by the walkers and heroically dies with Ben
    Lilly – No, she’s on her way to Woodbury, far from Clementine’s group and wouldn’t be a surprise since Clementine didn’t know she’s dead
    Christa – No, she’s a goner and would be boring to bring her back to the group and Clementine didn’t know she’s dead
    Molly – No, Clementine didn’t know she’s dead, she’s better off and probably searching survivor in Savannah

    SO Who THEN?
    Omid: Omid was shot by a stranger in the washroom but on the chest, both Clementine and Christa thought he was dead but probably with his last breath left, saved by the Hunters and joined the pack in search for his wife.

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