Nintendo World Championship cartridges hit eBay

The auctions have now ended, with the grey cartridge selling for $20,200 (£12,388) and the gold edition cartridge fetching a massive $100,088 (£61,384).

Following the recent eBay sale of the super rare NES game Nintendo World Championship, two more cartridges have been placed for auction.

Only 116 copies of the game are said to have been made, for competitors and winners of the Nintendo World Championships that took place in cities across the US in 1990, 26 of which were the special gold coloured cartridges, awarded to the winners of the competition.

The competition pitted players against each other in shortened versions of classic NES games Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer and Tetris.

The first of the cartridges is in mint condition and is one of 90 grey cartridges, which had a starting price of $4,999.99 on Sunday. It has since steadily climbed to $15,100 at the time of writing.

The second, however, is one of the winner’s gold cartridges, and with the starting price also at $4,999.99 early on Sunday morning, the asking price currently stands at a massive $100,088. The auction has risen steadily until the early hours of Tuesday when, presumably in an attempt to kill off competition, one bidder threw a cat among the pigeons and raised the bid from $35,500 to a whopping $90,000. Another bidder, currently the high bidder, joined the action on Monday evening at $33,700, and at the same time set up automatic bidding to best any competition by $100 at every interval. How far the high bidder will go remains to be seen, but they are currently in line to pay over three times their original bid.

The grey cartridge’s auction ends on February 2nd, and the gold cartridge will find it’s new owner on February 5th.

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